Presagios (omen)

We constantly try to make sense out of the daily, incoherent bombardment of information. And we’ve managed to become so good at creating reasonable scenarios from inconsistent data that many times we give sense and meaning to the absurd. And that which we can’t be explained through reason, may acquire a magical nature.

This project shows 4 series of possible events through drawings as well as the photographic record of the objects by which these events were encouraged.

With hope that these objects work as magical incentives, they were left and infiltrated in strategic places for people to find; under the supposition that those who find them might assume them as omens or signs to which a meaning or a particular and personal value is awarded; and may these self-induced omens lead to certain actions or events.

By the drawing the possible events, I appealed to sympathetic magic, which consists in the invocation of something through its representation. What may or may have really happened after the encounter with the objects, can’t be known.

By means of these actions, I had the intention of exciting power of suggestion and magical sentiment. This persuasion process consisted in first doing the drawings, as a way of prophetic behaviors and afterwards leaving the objects to be encountered.